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gb 16 Dec   Fix “qc timeout” kernel log error
Linux | kernel | libata qc logs DMA
gb 28 Jun   Fix networked Brother printers not working in Linux
Linux | CUPS | Printers Brother Network avahi
gb 14 Jun   Fix “exec /gns3/init.sh: no such file or directory”
Linux | GNS3 | Docker busybox
gb 26 Apr   Install drivers for Epson scanners
Linux | SANE | Scanners Epson epkowa iscan
gb 25 Apr   Managing Android apps with ADB (and without root)
Android | ADB | Apps Linux Windows
gb 01 Jan   virt-manager freezing up when clicking Browse in any window
Linux | virt-manager | QEMU/KVM libvirt Linux GTK


gb 16 Sep   How to encrypt email
All | Email | PGP S/MIME Email Client Gmail Outlook Protonmail
gb 30 Jul   Fix “No frame buffer” error in Plan 9
Plan 9 | Configuration | QEMU/KVM Linux monitor
gb 30 Jul   Install Plan 9 with virt-manager
Plan 9 | Installation | Setup QEMU/KVM virt-manager Linux


gb 01 Nov   How to turn off notifications on Windows
Windows 10 | Settings | Notifications
gb 01 Nov   How to disable Sticky Keys prompt
Windows | Settings | Sticky Keys
gb 26 Oct   How to remove Windows Weather Widget
Windows 10 | Settings | Taskbar Weather Widget
gb 04 Oct   Windows Run dialog
Windows | Commands | Run Settings
gb 03 Oct   How to export Skype data
Skype | Export | Archive skype-parser


gb 24 Jul   How to use Jira
Project Management | Jira | Agile Issue tracking Bug tracking Kanban Atlassian
gb 21 May   Connect to Mysql in .NET and Entity Framework
ASP.Net | MySQL | Entity Framework Pomelo