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Antibio (opposite of bio, and much more fun)

I’m a university student and general computer nerd. My current interests include: operating systems, functional programming, webdev (without any libraries, pure JavaScript), old tech, some amount of server administration and a teeny weeny bit of computer history.

I have a good amount of projects under my belt, although very few are actually useful. I’ve put down the more notable ones here, but filite-list and min-youtube-element-blocker seem to have gotten the most attention (if any).

As for what exactly you can expect in the future, anything goes really. I’ve done a lot of low(er)-level programming, a bit less functional programming, professional-ish web development (back-end + front-end), a whole lot of scripting (even a bit of Batch, not Bash, scripting) and more server/system administration that I would ever want. So, who knows what’s gonna be next.

Unfortunately there isn’t too much I can show now, especially as content on this website… But hey, you gotta start somewhere!


The machines I use on a daily basis are a desktop PC from 2015:

and a laptop from 2019 (Lenovo Yoga S730):

both running Linux.

My current desktop distribution of choice is Gentoo, but I used to main Linux Mint, Fedora and Funtoo. For servers, I use Debian, though I have used Ubuntu.

As for a desktop environment, I use Openbox (which is a WM, I know) alongside mostly Gnome applications. I’ve publically shared the exact (Gentoo) packages as well as a more general package list.

My primary text editor is vim and shell is zsh. My dotfiles are available on gitlab.