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Antibio (opposite of bio, and much more fun)

I’m a university student and general computer nerd. Currently, it seems that operating systems, browsers (how they work, not webdev) old tech and a teeny weeny bit of server administration and embeded systems interest me.

I have a good amount of projects under my belt, although very few are actually useful. I’ve put down the more notable ones here, but filite-list and min-youtube-element-blocker seems to have gotten the most attention (if any).

As for what exactly you can expect in the future, anything goes really. I’ve done professional-ish web development (back-end + front-end), embeded programming (ok, it might’ve been a singular Arduion, but thats still embeded!), a whole lot of scripting (even a bit of Batch scripting), more server and system configuring that I would ever want, I have even written in Haskell (yes, I’m still proud of this code, yes it can be improved, shut up). So, who knows what’s gonna be next.

However there isn’t too much I can show now, especially as content on this website… But hey, you gotta start somewhere!


I have a desktop (old dude, Intel Core i3-4160, 8GiB RAM and AMD Radeon Sapphire RX256) and a laptop (Lenovo Yoga S730), both running Linux.

My current distribution of choice is Funtoo (for desktop, Debian for servers), but I used to main Linux Mint and Fedora.

As for desktop environment, I don’t use any. I always start from a blank, terminal-only install and setup my stuff from there. More notably, I use Openbox as my window manager and lightdm as my display manager. Also vim as my text editor/IDE. You can explore my dotfiles here and the applications I use here