This project uses two licenses, depending on the content.



CC BY-SA 4.0 International (also found in LICENSE-CONTENT in GitLab repository)

This classifies what is read by users, so all articles, and any and all pictures/diagrams/etc. that have been made by me.

Unless stated otherwise, all items in Assets also fall under this category.

Content in Archives does not fall under this category, it is without license. That is why, this content is not saved in the GitLab repository.



GNU GPLv3 License (also found in LICENSE-CODE in GitLab repository)

This classifies everything else that isn’t content, so styling, scripts, etc.

Contacting me


For more information and required assistance with what is categorised as CONTENT and CODE, feel free to open an issue in the source repository ( or Contact Me casually.

If you feel like something is infringing on your own Copyright, please Contact Me immediately with a method, listed under the “Work” column.