This is a curated list of the more relevant software projects I’ve made or heavily contributed to

gitlab / ss-law + github / ss-lawmaintained
A small, lightweight and simple static site generation system, extracted as a template from my own
Markdown bash awk | ssg lowdown static site generator pipelines
gitlab / homelandermaintained
A very small and good looking, handmade prompt for zsh
GPLv3 | bash | zsh shell prompt script Linux
gitlab / goodwolfabandoned
Fork of the badwolf browser, which aims to add features
BSD-3-Clause | C | web browser GTK WebKitGTK Linux


gitlab / RepoSynccompleted
Script and some config files for synchronizing a git repository with a server
MIT | python | server git systemd
github / filite-listcompleted
Script for managing filite links
GPLv3 | bash | filite server script Linux


github / DevHive and github / DevHive-Angularcompleted
DevHive is a social network oriented towards programmers. It’s FOSS, built from the ground up, and made from a team of three for a course.
GPLv3 | C# TypeScript | Angular ASP.NET Core social media mvc Docker CSS
github / min-youtube-element-blockermaintained
Userscript for hiding certain UI elements in YouTube
MIT | JavaScript | youtube userscript css