Articles detailing personal experiences or exploration of certain topics.

ENG 07 June   Friendship ended with Funtoo, now Gentoo is my best friend
Shallow dive | Linux | Funtoo Gentoo portage packages emerge ebuild
ENG 01 May   BASH is weird
Shallow dive | bash | Linux scripting
ENG 18 Apr   Sane explanation of compilers: Part 1
Deep dive | Compilers | C yacc bison math Trees Regex Grammar Languages
ENG 13 Jan   Plan 9 in Linux: Mouse menus
Medium dive | Linux | Plan 9 mouse bash script X11 openbox jgmenu plumber


ENG 23 Dec   2.6 years of web design
Shallow dive | Web design
ENG 13 Dec   When a language forces simpler thinking
Shallow dive | Common Lisp | Advent of Code
ENG 04 Dec   Taming The Fun-too
Story | Funtoo | Linux Gentoo packages
ENG 10 Sep   Encrypted email
Medium dive | Email | Encryption Security PGP S/MIME Protonmail Tutanota


ENG 20 May   Mundus: My first shot at game development
Deep dive | Gamedev | 2D Sandbox Crafting Building Fighting GtkSharp 2.0 C#