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Created: 27 September 2022 || Edited: 28 September 2022

This is a small presentation, explaining how my custom system for making presentations works.

My presentation system

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kamen AT || 2022


I created a simple system for making presentations with slides in them. The gist of it is: different Markdown paragraphs are put into a rectangle, each rectangle representing a slide, with some added options for layout and format. In a bit more detail, we’ll have to get familiar with



An ftag is a short string of characters, that starts with two ampersands (&&) and contains only letters, numbers, hyphen, underscore and forwardslash. The concept has probably been created before, but I came up with it on my own. The name comes from “format tags”.

The idea is that, whenever I want some sort of script to parse/format text, I use ftags as markers. Depending on the script, every ftag is replaced in the resultant webpage with other text or HTML code.

An easy example is the image of the Great Britain flag: at the end of this sentence, I have simply tiped out &&GB (in lowecase), and it gets replaced with the corresponding image - ENG.



Programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress have very bad compatibility issues, between programs, versions, languages and even operating systems. As to why I don’t just use a ready web presentation tool like reveal.js, I find most of those too heavy and feature-bloated for my needs.


Every (presentation-specific) formatting option is listed and explained in the create-presentation.awk script, but to summarize: you can modify

And they can work together in every possible combination. Here is an example which uses most of those in one place:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc sed lectus porttitor nibh pellentesque ultrices ut in lorem. Pellentesque commodo dignissim placerat.



are in an

ftag column.

Vestibulum sodales pharetra justo, placerat egestas arcu hendrerit vitae. Integer eros est, lobortis sit amet mollis nec, mollis in ex. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

Other features

As you’ve obviously noticed, the presentation “system” also adds a navigation bar, with which to present and navigate slides. You can also print very easily the whole presentation on A4 sheets of paper, since that’s the exact size of each slide.

Given that the Markdown itself isn’t touched, changing themes is no problem. Finally, because again, if you don’t have JavaScript enabled, the presentation will be shown as any other ordinary article!

Closing remarks


Although it doesn’t have every feature known to man, this system is still very capable, and it’s contained in just three files: create-presentation.awk, presentation.js and presentation.css.

Thats All. Thank you for your time!

P.S. Press the same button (next to the print button) with which you started presenting, to stop presenting ;)