A curated list of links to articles, videos, and everything else that I really like.

Blog posts

ENG Software disenchantment by Nikita
The absolute state of modern day software development’s problems: huge lack of performance, bloat, bad UX and more. The article is available in other languages too.
ENG Oil it or Spoil it! by Lars Doucet
Thoughts on how to design/polish mechanics so they don’t frustrate players.
ENG Does Microsoft OneDrive export large ZIP files that are corrupt? by Johan van der Knijff
Step by step deep dive into how to fix OneDrive’s “corrupt” ZIP archives, very entertaining and interesting.
ENG Don’t Ever User Zsh by Rob Muhlestein
A slightly rant-y but also very pretty informative article on zsh’s downfalls
ENG Unusual disk latency by Brendan Gregg
How screaming can affect server performance. The actual content is the linked YouTube video inside, but I still wanted to link Brendan’s website.

Talks (video)

ENG Wat by Gary Bernhardt
A classic 15 minute talk that shows a lot of the weird behaviours in JavaScript with a very funny comedic note.
ENG Preventing the Collapse of Civilization by Jonathan Blow
Another classic talk, where Jonathan Blow talks about how information about technology degrades and gets lost over time.