Version 2 - syndamiadotcom

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Created: 02 August 2020 || Edited: 24 September 2020

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Version 2 is mostly based on a Markdown style. Pages are written in Markdown and made into the final HTML files through ssg and lowdown.

Version 2 has been used in production ever since 21 July 2020.

My inspiration and guide was an excellent video from Wolfgang on making a fast and minimal blog.


  1. Layout and navigation
  2. Style overview
  3. Content management

Layout and navigation


This version uses a more traditional layout (although similar to the previous one). In the header there are universal links to the main pages (Home, About, Projects, etc.)

All project/tutorials have an introduction page which contains contents of the project/tutorial (links to all of the pages).

Each project/tutorial page has some links, a bit below the title:

Style overview


The style resembles standard Markdown formatting like in GitHub. Text is black on white background with Open Sans font.

Hyperlinks are bold and colored in dark blue ( #004080).

Code blocks, inline code, blockquotes and tables are taken from sindresorhus’s github-markdown-css repo.

Content management


This version doesn’t use a full-fledged content management system, but managing is a lot more automated.

Pages are written in Markdown formatting and making the website is done with ssg, that takes care of generating the webpages, sitemap, etc. and lowdown, that converts the Markdown to HTML.